All the shades of gray, but no…

Posted on February 1, 2010


Like everybody and their mother, I’ve been playing Mass Effect 2. The game includes a lot of dialogue and after a chat with a supporting character I was quite sure Shepard was flirting with him. This is in no way unexpected, as it seems that Shepard is quite omnisexual and will flirt with anything that seems to have approximately two legs.

What got me interested was that this was a male character, being flirted with by my male Shepard. I got online and checked: No, no homosexual relationships in Mass Effect 2. Unless you’re a woman, in which case you got at least two candidates. It seems that you can have sex with four kinds of different aliens (the galaxy seems very… compatible), girl-on-girl action is okay, but when it is about two male characters hitting the pillows, it’s a no go. Way to chicken out, Bioware.

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