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About Randomness in Role-Playing Games

August 26, 2011


When randomness in role-playing games is discussed, it usually means analysis of specific dice-mechanics. And since most rpg’s employ dice, it is a useful pursuit to try to understand the interplay of the mechanics and how they affect role-playing. But dice are not the only source of randomness, nor are the usual substitutions for them […]

Crowded gaming

August 24, 2011


One of the pillars of our role-playing hobby has been the space provided by the student village. We have been able to use increasingly larger rooms as the amount of players has increased over the years. Recently, we lost our best rooms yet to a kindergarten, or more accurately, to money. They were able to […]

Ropecon and a new Finnish fantasy role-playing game

August 1, 2011


Ropecon was just last weekend and a friend of mine, the writer of Cafe Lax, published a role-playing game there: Bliaron. Apparently it sold quite well. It is written in Finnish and the book looks really good. The setting is a bronze-age fantasy land, with a strong emphasis on magic. There are also political undertones […]