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Games in galleries

May 9, 2011


Galleries aren’t waiting for games to be accepted as art by critics, but seem to have made the choice themselves already. For example, The Smithsonian American Art Museum is hosting The Art of Video Games. Also, the NYU Game Center is holding the second annual exhibition of games No Quarter. Unfortunately not very close to […]

Pervasive Games

March 31, 2011


I recently gave a lecture on pervasive games. In preparing that lecture I took some notes that were almost an introduction to the subject itself. It seemed a pity not to use that text, so here is a short introduction to pervasive gaming. Pervasive Games Pervasive games are not an entirely new phenomenon, but the […]

Art history of games

September 7, 2010


I wrote about games as art before, so I should mention that Georgia Tech University has held a conference called Art History of Games. The talks are fortunately available on Youtube. Certainly worth a glance.

Gaming over great distances

August 7, 2010


I just played my first game of role-playing over the internet today. I’ve played IRC-based role-playing games before, but these have centered on the text; this time we used mainly voice chat. I shouldn’t be surprised in this age of technology, but I am: it was easy. We wanted to use voice chat for communication […]

Master’s thesis & Changing the world with games (not related)

March 22, 2010


I finally managed to finish and return my master’s thesis. It is about the theory of games, but unfortunately only available in Finnish. You can find it online, if you happen to be interested and understand Finnish. Please ignore the typo in the abstract. The thesis is for a quite limited audience. I thought I […]

Politics in FPS-games

February 12, 2010


To a great surprise to everyone, this post is not going to be about the fuss surrounding the killing of civilians in Modern Warfare 2. Instead, I’ll write about a few older games.

While on the topic of games as art…

February 5, 2010


Recently, I touched upon the subject of games as art. This is by means unexplored territory; in fact it is so well traversed that the great movie critic Roger Ebert has commented on the subject. Unfortunately, he voices a negative opinion. He bases his view on arguments I can’t completely accept, while I do agree […]