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The Practice of Theory: Seminar of Culture Studies

December 12, 2009


I attended the seminar of Society for Cultural Studies in Finland. It is a two-day seminar, so I’m missing part of it as I’m writing this, but the most interesting part has already ended: game(s) research workshop. There was unfortunately only few presentations on games, but at least some of these were useful for me. […]

Defining games

October 26, 2009


I held a presentation on games in the National Seminar for Philosophy Students (Filosofian opiskelijoiden kansallinen seminaari, FOKS in Finnish) last saturday. It was mostly just basic stuff on (the study of) games, with some quotes from Wittgenstein, Suits, Juul and Salen & Zimmerman. As an ending I presented a loose argument that a minimum […]

The Player of Games

September 8, 2009


I recently read Iain M. Banks’ The Player of Games, and besides being a good book it’s got special kicks for anyone into game research.

Seminar paper

April 18, 2009


After moving into a new apartment and catching the most awful flu you ever experienced I’ve found that trying to keep up any kind of schedule for writing here has been a failure. I’ll try to correct that. Yesterday I sent my seminar paper to the seminar participants. I was forced to cut several pages […]

On the sociology of games

February 18, 2009


I’ve been working on my second thesis seminar paper roughly from the beginning of the year.

Why games?

May 20, 2008


There are two ways to understand this question:1) What makes us, humans, play games?2) What makes games playable and enjoyable?

Huizinga and play

February 20, 2008


Johann Huizinga’s “Homo Ludens” is one the classics in the study of play. I’ve been trying to read it but I also have a lot of essays to return during spring so my reading has been dragging itself slowly toward summer.