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PanoptiCorp, part 2: When Now Is Too Late

June 24, 2013


This is the second post about PanoptiCorp. The first was about personal experiences, so it actually makes more sense to read this first to get some context for the first one. PanoptiCorp was a larp about a dystopian marketing company with all the worst parts of capitalism. Everything and everyone was on the line of not […]

PanoptiCorp, part 1: the Soul of a Corper

June 17, 2013


Warning: this is long, rambly, and has no context. I will write a part 2 with more context, when I’ve had some time to process what I experienced. My flight left Denmark before I had time for a proper debrief, so this is also me pouring out my thoughts on my character. I noticed afterwards […]

Advanced Dungeons & Discourse

November 19, 2012


A couple of years back I ran a game of Dungeons & Discourse. It’s based on the brilliant web comic, Dresden Codak. It ran very smoothly, but mostly thanks to good luck and excellent players, not because of any brilliant design on my part. I used Donjon as the rules, and that worked surprisingly well. […]

Dungeons & Discourse

September 23, 2011


I’ve had a play report on a Dungeons & Discourse game we played last year lying around on my computer for over an year now. I thought I might finally post it online. Unfortunately, it is in Finnish. More info after the cut.

Post-Mortem: Tyhjyys joka meidät yhdistää (The emptiness that binds us)

September 18, 2011


Recently, a two-year long campaign ended. With 53 evenings spent playing, it is the longest game I’ve been involved in. We played Heimot, a Finnish science fiction game (it would be ‘Tribes’ in English, but that name is already taken). With a strong game master influence and a narrative focus it is a traditional game in […]

Gaming over great distances

August 7, 2010


I just played my first game of role-playing over the internet today. I’ve played IRC-based role-playing games before, but these have centered on the text; this time we used mainly voice chat. I shouldn’t be surprised in this age of technology, but I am: it was easy. We wanted to use voice chat for communication […]

For all I know, you’re the rat

May 27, 2010


Reservoir Hounds was a success, at least with some criteria (and some post-game lie). The game ran for less than an hour, but that wasn’t surprising as I was quite sure we wouldn’t hit the two-hour time limit we had. The concept of the game was simple: Reservoir Dogs turned into jeepform (if you haven’t […]