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Metaphoric Rules in Role-Playing Games

November 12, 2012


It is very common for role-playing games to extend rules meant for one thing to cover other fields. The archetypical example of this is using combat rules for other conflicts. This has been the standard way of building rules since Dungeons & Dragons started extending rolls beyond hitting things. First, it was resistance rolls, then […]

About Randomness in Role-Playing Games

August 26, 2011


When randomness in role-playing games is discussed, it usually means analysis of specific dice-mechanics. And since most rpg’s employ dice, it is a useful pursuit to try to understand the interplay of the mechanics and how they affect role-playing. But dice are not the only source of randomness, nor are the usual substitutions for them […]

Are Role-Playing Games Art?

January 29, 2010


The short answer: of course they are! The longer answer? Possibly, see more.