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Advanced Dungeons & Discourse

November 19, 2012


A couple of years back I ran a game of Dungeons & Discourse. It’s based on the brilliant web comic, Dresden Codak. It ran very smoothly, but mostly thanks to good luck and excellent players, not because of any brilliant design on my part. I used Donjon as the rules, and that worked surprisingly well. […]

Ropecon and a new Finnish fantasy role-playing game

August 1, 2011


Ropecon was just last weekend and a friend of mine, the writer of Cafe Lax, published a role-playing game there: Bliaron. Apparently it sold quite well. It is written in Finnish and the book looks really good. The setting is a bronze-age fantasy land, with a strong emphasis on magic. There are also political undertones […]


August 24, 2007


Ropecon was some time ago. I’ve been trying to concentrate on reading, so commenting on Ropecon is several weeks late.